Save Time!

No one has too much.

Did you know that poor power quality is a leading cause of unscheduled downtime and other nuisance maintenance issues?

  • Excess heat in wiring, transformers, and motor windings
  • Premature motor failures (windings and bearings)
  • VFD crashes and failures
  • Computer and process controller crashes and failures
  • Erratic behavior of automated equipment
  • Lighting ballast failures
True Power Electric specializes in diagnosing and fixing your power quality problems. Using state of the art Fluke power quality meters and our own proprietary diagnostic software, we can identify the issues that are causing your problems and provide solutions that will clean up your power and reduce your problems. What you do with your extra time is up to you. We just want to help insure that you don’t have to give up your fishing trip to solve problems at your plant.

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