Save Money!

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Poor power quality can be very costly to your business. How much money have you budgeted for the following issues?

  • Power factor penalties on your bills
  • Premature failures, repairs or replacements of:
    • Variable Frequency Drives or other motor controllers
    • Motor windings or bearings
    • Lighting ballasts
    • Computer power supplies or motherboards
    • Process controllers
  • Downtime caused by erratic behavior or failures of any of the above items
  • Unexplained increases in your power bills
At True Power Electric, we are experts in diagnosing and curing power quality problems. Using Fluke power quality meters and our own proprietary diagnostic software, we can quickly identify the source of your problems and suggest ways to fix them. Additionally, we have developed systems that will literally pull harmonics away from your sensitive equipment, correct power factor problems, and help balance phases. Let us solve your problems and save you money.


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